Behind The Scenes: Hillery and Laura

This weekend, we had a wonderful photoshoot with Hillery and Laura! We were so thrilled to have them in the studio with us to do some eyeshadow looks using Debbi's customized palettes.

Hillery before

Hillery and Debbi

Debbi used her Jungle Vine palette to enhance Hillery's beautiful green eyes and fair skin tone. Debbi started this look with the first eggshell color in the palette under Hillery's eyebrow bone by using the maxi blender. This side of the brush allows for easy, general blending. She then used second and third light green colors on the eyelid with the mini blender (Debbi's tip: smaller brushes pick up more pigment!) and the two darkest green shades on the eye line. Debbi created an eyeliner with the darkest color in this palette, which is a beautiful shade of forest green with a hint of gold. Debbi completed this look with her own mascara and lip gloss, which was a favorite of Hillery's - "[Debbi's lipgloss] made me feel glamorous!"

Hillery after

Laura before

Laura, Debbi, and Hillery in the studio 

Laura after

To enhance Laura's bright blue eyes and fair freckled skin tone, Debbi used the Chelsea palette to create this eye look. Under her brow bone, Debbi used the eggshell shade with the maxi blender. She then used the tan and plum shades on the eyelid with the mini blender. For Laura's eye line, Debbi used the dark brown and black colors in this palette. Laura finished off the look with mascara, which instantly became a must-have for her own makeup collection; she described the mascara as "a dark black formula that isn't too creamy or liquidy, the brush separates each last perfect even after so many coats!"

Debbi's eyeshadows are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and can be used wet and dry (check out the eyeliner sealer - you can create eyeliners with each of the eyeshadow colors in the palettes!). Since each shadow is a mineral powder, it also goes on creamy and doesn't settle in your creases; your look will last from day to night. Each of Debbi's eyeshadow palettes feature five vibrant colors that are personally selected by Debbi. The lightest color is meant for under your brow bone, the middle colors are meant for your eyelid, and the two darkest colors in the palette are meant to go on your eye line. With any of the palettes, you can create all different looks for your eye color.

Debbi's eyeshadow palettes are truly made of the finest, highest quality available - get yours now!

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