Tips & Tricks: Halloween Looks

Written By: Melissa Wylie

Visuals By: Liz Schoonfield

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year - you can dress up in a great costume, and go out for the night with your friends. So many of us struggle when it comes to picking a costume - and even how to master the look (I, for one, am always last minute, scrambling to get my look together). Whether you want to be a classic queen or a retro diner girl, Debbi's line has something for every girl. Check out Debbi's favorite Halloween looks this year!

Vintage Glamour Girls

Holly Golightly

A classic look - a girl can't go wrong for Halloween with Audrey Hepburn's classic portrayal of the eccentric socialite. Simply throw on some pearls, a black dress, gloves, that iconic pink lipstick and you're all set for a night on the town. 

Master the look: For this easy iconic look you can use the Brenda Christian Universal Brow Definer to master Audrey's iconic brows, the voluminous mascara and our cream pink lipstick(300) or our matte Pink Diamond lipstick with a nice light pink blush(pink pink) to complete it.


Who could forget the elegant Elizabeth Taylor portraying one of the most iconic women of our time? Cleopatra, the young queen of Egypt, truly reigns supreme. 

Master the look: For a dramatic eye use the Cote Azure eye shadow palette mixed with our Black Magic Waterproof Eyeliner and the Pink Diamond lipstick for a simple natural finish.

Halloween Classics

Gaga BTW Skeleton

It's for all your little monsters out there! We love Lady Gaga's skeleton look - a Halloween classic! You can dress in head-to-toe black and use for the makeup. Since Debbi's eyeshadow palettes are mineral based, you can use the great colors all over your face!

Master the look: For this more complicated look you can use our botanical eye shadow and face primer for a solid base. Then use the Smokey Jazz eye shadow palette to create depth, and use the eyeliner sealer to seal it once your finished. If your worried about not using the right tools, our tapered angle shader brush and maxi blender is perfect for getting between those large and small areas.


Sanderson Sisters (Witches)

The infamous trio from Hocus Pocus has become a classic Halloween go-to costume. You'll be sure to put a spell on everyone by being one of these witches.

Master the look: For a simple eye to smokey use the Neutral City eye shadow palette, Fillmore Street lipstick and a great rose blush for this iconic witchy look!

The Superhero

Poison Ivy 

Poison Ivy - the super villain from the Batman comics - is portrayed by Uma Thurman. The clothes are simple - all you need is head-to-toe green and a red wig!

Master the look: For a bold eye, use the Jungle Vine eye shadow palette, the Khaki waterproof eyeliner pencil and our Golden Apricot lipgloss and you'll look just like this green villain. If your worried about your eye shadow staying in place check our amazing, botanical eye shadow primer and eyeliner sealer.   



Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman - the superhero from the DC Comics - is portrayed by Gal Gadot. Who wouldn't want to be one of the founding members of the Justice League, and a boss lady? The makeup here is simple too!

Master the look: All you need is the Atomic Haze eye shadow palette, Debbi's mineral powder and Bronze Glow!

 Cult Favorites

Audrey & Shelly Twin Peaks

If you're looking for a classic 90's throwback, look no further than the Twin Peaks girls. David Lynch's female heroines stole our television screens - not just once, but twice, when they revived their roles this year - making Twin Peaks one of the most talked about shows. Don't forget your cherry pie, Coop.

Master the look: For this easy look use Debbi's Porcelain foundation with a nice rose blush(brick) with any of these great lip colors, for those cherry rose lips(499) or a simple cherry lipgloss Cherry Blossom. If you want to top it off, use the Park Avenue eyeshadow palette to color in your brows or use the pink to create a natural glow on your eyes.

Dionne & Cher Clueless

Last, but certainly never least (AS IF!), the incomparable Cher and Dionne. The fashion forward girls from Beverly Hills never go out of style. 

Master the look: For Cher you can either either the Debbi's liquid powder foundation or the Sheer Mineral Tint, and Debbi's lipstick in the color 720. For Dionne, all you need is Debbi's liquid powder foundation or the Sheer Mineral Tint and Debbi's plum lip gloss.

Happy Halloween Girls! xoxo

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